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Maintaining your Practice Green

Maintaining Practice Green

Now that winter is finally over, it is important to understand that during heavy rain and snow, synthetic grass and putting greens are still a low maintenance landscape product.

Remember the extensive snow during storm of 2018 in Ireland! If a practice green is not installed correctly such weather conditions can be an issue. Always clear heavy falls of snow as quickly and as reasonably possible. However once builds up are cleared the main criteria for maintenance of your Practice Green are:

1 Keep all garden debris and organic matter clear from surface.

- This can be done quickly and conveniently once a week or before practice sessions with a garden leaf blower. 5 minutes will ensure a perfect putting

surface to clear leaves, sand of real grass from Putting surface!

2 Brush up Verge and Fairway Grass

- Once a month using a wide garden brush to sweep against the grain of grass to keep pile vertical and upright this will give a realistic verge chip every time you play!

3 Top up Sand

- Top up Silica Sand Once every 18 months for a consistent STIMP Speed for

your Practice Green. Creating the desired ball roll speed will take a bit of practice however once mastered you will enjoy your preferred putting speed for every session on your green

TigerTurf Practice Greens and synthetic grasses are capable of enduring the harshest, wettest and coldest weather conditions all year round. TigerTurf has an unparalleled drainage rate, and our Sports permeable backing allows TigerTurf Practice Greens and synthetic grass to drain approximately 30+ inches of rain per square yard per hour. Say goodbye to muddy lawns or swampy greens!

Contrary to popular belief, Synthetic grass and greens are very easy to maintain, durable and natural looking. Due to its intricate yarn composition and Sports durable materials, artificial grass is the ideal all-weather surface and real grass lawn alternative for Irish Gardens. Tried and tested in proven lab conditions and external installations to withstand even the coldest and extreme weather, including frost and snow. TigerTurf Artificial grass systems allow fields and lawns to keep their texture while maintaining a green and lush aesthetic in the coldest climates.

With state of the art grass yarns and a patented technologically advanced drainage system with low maintenance requirements, synthetic grass can enhance any lawn, rain or shine!

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