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Choosing Artificial Grass for your Green

Different Attributes to Artificial Turf

When choosing artificial grass, not all products are the same. There are different yarn attributes to artificial turf that make them all different. Not only with yarns and backing they, but how they're made aswell. Almost every single grass product is different in some way. Whether it’s the features one product contains that another does not, or the materials in which they were made, artificial turf products are not created equal. We’re here to cover some main attributes that make ProLawn Turf’s artificial turf products different.

Purous Backings

Our DuraFlo and UltraFlow backing provides a complete permeable backing that allows for full drainage throughout the entire product. The DuraFlo drains at an average rate of 167” per hour and Ultra Flow drains at an average rate of 400” per hour!. A 100% permeable backing is required if you have pets that use artificial turf because after use, the urine can then drain through the grass all the way to the hardcore underlay. Having sufficient drainage is also good for when it rains. The polyolefin materials in the DuraFlo backing also make the product nonabsorbent, where as standard backing absorb 5%-6% of moisture. A non absorbent backing can eliminate odors from urine when you have pets using grass regularly.


Artificial turf is hot! There is no way around that fact, but we can help to reduce how hot it is. Our artificial turf products have heat reduction technology built into the fibers so that our artificial turf can provide a reduced heat. Our products are about 20 degrees cooler than a regular artificial turf product without this technology. This is great for kids and pets that use the artificial turf areas.

Little to No Shine Reflection!

What makes artificial turf look so false is how shiny it is! The reflection of sunlight on the grass makes the turf look very fake and plasticy. Our artificial turf has very low luster to it, making it look more real. With no shine in our artificial grass, your neighbors have to do a double take to realise if it’s fake or not. The more realistic the turf looks, the better. Installing a lawn that has no no shine is the future!


not all synthetic turf products are truly “GREEN”Most of the turf on the market today are made of urethane and latex rubber, nylon fibers, etc. These non-recyclable parts will probably not be separated from the recyclable polyolefin, so most turf products being installed today end up in a landfill. With millions of square meters being installed every year, it is shaping up to create a serious disposal issue as turf begins to reach the end of its effective life. TigerTurfs DuraFlo products are completely recyclable when installed and create a cycle where reprossed turf, minus the infill, can be recycled. They are polyolefin materials and are not landfill bound. These are truly GREEN recyclable products!

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