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Commercial Putting Greens... the business

Whether you manage a small business, housing development or apartment block, an office building, or a sports retail outlet, bespoke artificial grass putting greens are the perfect solution for any commercial installation. Amazon Artificial Grass and Amazon Golf Greens has six different putting turf varieties that can replicate the look and feel of a professional putting suface while providing hours of play for your clientelle.

If you manage an apartment complex or housing development, a custom designed putting green is a great activity to offer residents. Artificial grass increases your property value and enhances your kerb appeal, attracting and impressing more prospective tenants to your property portfolio. It’s a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t require irrigation or watering to maintain, so an increase in green space won’t mean an increase in utility bills or maintenance funding. No matter what area or size the space you have to work with is, synthetic grass putting greens can be fully designed and customized to fit your individual business needs.

Synthetic turf putting greens can be installed on floors concrete or tramacdam indoors or outdoors, making them a valuable addition to sports retail stores and golf ing retailers. Having an artificial grass putting green available in your shop floor will impress your customers and allow them to test putters, golf balls and stomp meters before buying. All our putting greens replicate the playability and feel of a professional-grade golf green, allowing clients and customers to get the most accurate feel for the game possible while testing out the PGA Approved

synthetic turf. Custom synthetic grass putting greens are perfect for hired or leased putting areas, showcasing or trade shows, No golf supply shop is complete without one!.

For childrens play to PGA putting, custom designed artificial greens can accommodate any level of handicap needed. Amazon Golf Greens has a wide variety of different putting green grades, accessories and verge grasses and all are guaranteed by manufacturers 8year certificate, ensuring you r confidence in every purchase you make. If you’d like to speak to one of our in-house Green designers about a custom putting green for your business, give us a call today on 014060004 and get started on a Dream Green for you and your clients!


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